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Some thoughts on the "Silly Season"

I may have a unique view on this topic, but more so because I'm a health and fitness coach. Most would assume my guidance around this would be to give you the "tips and tricks" on how to avoid "blowing out" over the Christmas season.

I want to give you some food for thought that perhaps this festive period does not need to have a focus on food, especially in a restrictive nature. Instead I want to highlight some amazing things that the festive season and the meals we share with loved ones can bring. Worrying about how much you're eating, the calorie content, how to track your meals or fit them into your macro's can do more harm than good mentally for you.

Yes you may "stay on track" easier however you will likely encourage some anxiety and negative thought patterns around social settings and the food available at the events you will attend with your loved ones this Christmas. This just isn't worth it in my eyes.

Great food and great company are the two life's simplest yet great pleasures.

Food is not simply what we eat when we are hungry. It can be delicious, inventive, colorful, creative, inspiring, and so much more. I prefer to encourage my clients to embody food positivity, aka - surrounding themselves with a healthy attitude towards eating and foods that we might negatively label as “forbidden”. Being restrictive towards certain foods and pushing that narrative that certain things will make you perfect can overall have a terrible impact on your mental health and wellbeing

If this is you then you have a unique opportunity to break the cycle and adopt a healthy mentality around nutrition. As a result you may notice positive changes such as not needing to binge on your favourite foods/meals, instead, you'll simply listen to your hunger cues and enjoy a meal until you're satisfied knowing at any stage when you become hungry again you can enjoy more of it.

As far as your training goes, I will always be an advocate for movement, and that may look different to everyone! It may look like your regular gym schedule if that's your "you time". It may be a family walk at dusk after dinner while you're visiting the local Christmas lights. But my difference in outlook is that you are not viewing exercise or movement in a way to "burn off" the meal you have enjoyed as a family.

My priority as a coach is to help transform your mindset around body image, exercise and food as well provide the tools to physically progress in your body, in your strength and in your overall well-being. This Silly Season, there's no need to feel silly. Enjoy the time with the ones you love, respect your body, have grace with yourself as you learn new habits and understand that when life starts to fall back into a regular routine and you aren't juggling so many social activities, you'll be able to put a little more focus into your overall goals.

Life is too short not to enjoy it. - Glen Campbell

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