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  • Can men purchase/join your programs?
    My coaching services are offered to both men and women. Men are welcome to purchase my programs and utilise my support.
  • How will I get my training sessions?
    Upon purchasing the training service that is appropriate for you, you will be automatically set up within my training app where all your video based workouts will be stored to view and check off.
  • Can I sign up to your training programs if I am pregnant?
    If you are currently pregnant, I will need a medical clearance from your doctor to support our commencement of training. You will also need to select the Personalised Coaching option.
  • Are the bands different strengths?
    CORE DETAILS Width = 8 cm Length = 37 cm (laying flat and 74 cm all round) Approximate resistance weight: Light 7-11 kg Medium 11-18 kg Heavy 18-27 kg
  • Can I cancel my program subscription at any time?
    There is no refunds on programming services. Reset or Build a Habit Programs are self paced and subscription will cease once the time period ends. Personalised Coaching has a 12 week minimum time frame, in which after this I will require a 2 week notice to cancel your subscription.
  • How long will shipping take?
    Shipping timeframes will vary depending on your location, please refer to our Shipping page to view all of our estimated delivery times or refer directly to the Aus Post website
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