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January – Your Month of Gentle Beginnings

Happy 2024 lovelies! So, we've rolled into a new year, and the pressure to kick things into high gear is already knocking on our doors. But what if you hit the snooze button on that for a sec and thought of January as our gentle warm-up month? I challenge you to start the year gently and use January as your low-key training ground.


Before you jump into the resolution frenzy, take a breather and look back at the year that just wrapped up. What were your wins, struggles, and moments that encouraged growth within your life in whatever capacity. Reflecting on the past can give you some solid insights and set the vibe for what's coming.

Set Your Intentions

Instead of drafting a novel of resolutions, keep it realistic and set intentions that won't have you gasping for air. Think baby steps – maybe some daily habits or tiny moves toward your big dreams. It's like easing into a cold pool rather than cannonballing in.

Embrace Mindfulness

January is like the yoga mat of the year – perfect for some mindfulness stretches. Try meditation, jot down your thoughts in a journal, or just take a stroll to clear the mental clutter. It's like giving your brain a spa day.

Routine, but Make It Cozy

Who says routines have to be strict and boring? Create a vibe that feels like a cozy blanket – with enough sleep, good food, and time for work, play, and self-love. A chill routine can be your secret sauce for the rest of the year. 

Cheers to the Little Wins

Celebrate those small wins. Finishing a to-do list, sticking to a new habit, or just adulting like a boss – those little victories deserve a pat on the back.

Share the Journey

You're not alone in this adventure. Share your January vibes with your crew or find a community that vibes with your goals. It's like having workout buddies but for life stuff. Connection brings good vibes, trust me. If you train with me then you would be aware of my amazing community of clients, we all share our wins and so much more in our Dream Team group chat, want to learn more about joining my dream team? Click here.

Pivot Like a Boss

January is like a trial-and-error month. If something isn't clicking, no biggie! Be cool with adjusting your game plan. It's not about getting everything right but finding your groove at your own pace.

Your coach,

Sarah x

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