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The Benefits of Resistance Bands

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Resistance bands are a means of strengthening and/or stretching your muscles, whether for aesthetics, athletic performance, or physical therapy.

Their versatility means they’re a great go-to for a quick and effective workout. Not only do they pack and travel lightly - you can use them in your living room, gym, or hotel room - but they’re also easy to incorporate into various exercises targeting everything from your arms to legs to your glutes.

“If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness." - Robin Sharma.

Why you should include bands into your training.

1. They easily adapt to all fitness levels. The FitCulture Resistance Bands come in 3 different resistance levels, light, medium and heavy, which means they’re perfect to use in your workouts whether you’re just starting out, rehabilitating from an injury, pregnant/postpartum or experienced in the gym. You can progress or regress the resistance by giving more or less tension on the band.

2. They provide less tension on muscles and joints. One of the benefits of using mini bands is that you can make your workouts progressively harder and improve your strength while also protecting your joints and muscles. For example, if you’re looking to progress your bodyweight squat, but you’re not ready for a dumbbell or barbell, using the FitCulture Resistance Bands can help add the right amount of resistance without the tension and strain of a heavier weight.

3. They can add variety to workouts - If you’re dedicated to your training routine but are looking to spice things up a little, a resistance band could be just the tool you’re looking for. Using a band will change the way you perform an exercise. For example, you can use a mini band around your arms while completing a push up and in doing so will challenge your body and help you attain further strength goals.

Don’t let their small size fool you. By helping to strengthen and tone your body, as well as being easily affordable and compact, mini bands are an awesomely challenging addition to your exercise routine.

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