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FitCulture by Sarah Lawrence 

Elevating your health journey through programming and support


The FitCulture Fabric Resistance Bands come in light, medium, and heavy resistance strength.

They are suitable for both upper and lower body training. A bag is included so you can easily take them wherever you go or train anytime!


Perfect for working out while you are travelling or at home.

 Benefits of using the Fitculture Fabric Resistance Bands in your training include; 


  • Same Muscle Activity, Less Chance of Injury

  • Greater Muscle Stimulus

  • Stabilization/Core Activation

  • Improved Strength & Athletic Performance

  • Inexpensive

  • Ideal for Rehabilitation

  • Stretching & Mobility

  • Made from eco-friendly materials.


Personalise Online Coaching

  •  Personalised programs to suit your individual needs, prior exercise history and goals

  • Education and support around balanced nutrition 

  • Subscription to my video based training app 

  • Access to 100’s of recipe options to suit your goals

  • Weekly 15min check in call 

  • Become a part of a supportive community of women who are also prioritizing their health and wellbeing 


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About Me

All about self development, I encourage my client’s to work on developing their internal and external growth while they navigate their way to the healthiest and happiest version of themselves yet.


My job extends as far as helping you explore how you can implement more intentional conditioning into your day to day life to bridge the gap between where you are now physically and mentally and where you want to be.

My professional yet warm approach ensures you feel supported and nurtured through your training experience and journey of self development.


No matter your individual goal, with over a decade of coaching experience, I will be able to holistically bring the best plan of action forward for you as we work together.


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